Sign up to PAT

The monthly subscription to the PAT online includes unlimited use of the PAT. Moreover, a single set of login details allows simultaneous access for up to five users from the same clinic with a maximum of 50 assessments per day.  A free trial for 30 days is included. 

At present, our subscription is available exclusively to individuals within Europe. We anticipate expanding our services to additional countries and regions in the near future.

Price per month
99 Euros
85 British Pounds* 
*approximately, based on the conversion rate from Euros

To sign up for the PAT, you need first to read the Terms and Conditions. Then you click on register, and it will take you to the login page where you need to register a new account. You will be sent an email with login details. After login, the first step is that you sign up for the monthly plan via Stripe, and then you can use the PAT online.

Further down on this page, you will find the link that will take you to the PAT Companion module, which will provide you with information and training on how to use the PAT. 

Terms and Conditions

I, the undersigned End-User shall own outputs for use within the End-Users’ business operations and at the sole discretion of that End-User. It shall be a condition of access to the Intervention and/or the Online School that all End-Users confirm their acceptance that neither AFPS or Triskelion, nor their representatives, agents, sub-contractors, affiliates, heirs, successors or assigns assumes any risk or liability, whether in contract, tort or otherwise for any treatment or other decision which is made by an End-User in respect of its customers, patients and/or service-users whether such decision is made by the End-User alone or in conjunction with others and notwithstanding that any such decision is made as a direct or indirect result of any recommendation or information received or perceived by the End-User via the Outputs.

I, the undersigned End-User, hereby acknowledge and accept that upon successful completion of the data download to my designated electronic device(s), including but not limited to a personal computer, tablet, or smartphone, any and all data ("DATA") input into the online Psychosocial Assessment Tool ("PAT") will be promptly and automatically erased. This action is taken in adherence to relevant data security regulations and in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR"), with the ultimate aim of safeguarding the privacy and interests of customers, patients, and/or service-users associated with the provider of the PAT.

I, the undersigned End-User, understand that I am permitted to share the Login Details exclusively with up to four (4) individuals located within a single clinic. Any distribution beyond this limit is prohibited. The End-User assumes full responsibility for the actions of any person using PAT Online under their Login Details. Each subscription is limited to a maximum of 50 assessments per day; any attempts to exceed this quota will be in violation of the terms of service. The End-User must ensure that any person they share their Login Details with complies with these Terms and Conditions, including completing the PAT Companion module.

I, the undersigned End-User, hereby acknowledge and understand that access to the subscription is exclusively granted to individuals residing within the geographic boundaries of Europe. I confirm that I reside within these geographical boundaries. Any attempt to access or utilise the subscription from outside of this designated region will be deemed a violation and breach of the terms of service.