Transform Your Aesthetic Practice with the PAT Framework

Elevate your aesthetic practice with the Psychosocial Assessment Tool (PAT) – an innovative, evidence-based assessment framework, already enhancing the consultations of over 160 clinicians globally. Designed for routine use in the cosmetic surgery and aesthetic procedures sectors, the PAT sets a new standard for relevant, comprehensive and advanced client evaluations

Why Integrate PAT into Your Practice?

Enhance Psychological Management: Identify and adeptly manage psychological vulnerabilities in clients, providing a well-rounded, appropriate approach to aesthetic care.

Compliance with Global Best Practices: Stay aligned with current professional standards in cosmetic surgery training and practice in line with recommendations in Australia, the UK, and Europe.

Superior Client Care: PAT’s emphasis on face-to-face assessments allows for a deeper understanding of the client’s needs, enhancing your ability to address the client's agenda and increasing the likelihood of post-procedural satisfaction.

Managing expectations: The PAT framework skilfully manages clients' expectations of both aesthetic and psychosocial outcomes, ensuring they have a realistic and well-informed understanding of the likely results of treatment.

Litigation Prevention: The output from the PAT is designed for inclusion in your client records, acting as a crucial shield against potential litigation by documenting the comprehensive review of psychological aspects undertaken by you and the client and offering a tangible demonstration of your commitment to thorough client care.

Leadership in the Cosmetic Sector: Adopting the PAT as a routine assessment tool acknowledges the crucial role of psychological factors in all aspects of care in this sector and positions you as a forward-thinking practitioner in the field with a clear commitment to person-centred care and the wellbeing of your clients

"Excellent quality material, informed by the current evidence base and written and presented by the leaders in the field. Grounded in scientific rigour, it has immediate applicability to my day-to-day clinical practice."

Dr Kate Edgar Clinical Psychologist, Chair UK Special Interest Group for Psychologists working in Aesthetic Surgery

"Many patients considering elective surgery have unrealistic expectations of the outcome. To avoid disappointment, anger or even a lawsuit, the surgeon must have an insight into the motivations and expectations of such vulnerable patients. The PATs are designed to provide such insight and to assist the surgeon with appropriate patient selection."

Richard Barnett AM MBBS FRACS FACS 
Chairperson of the Australasian Foundation for Plastic Surgery