Education & Training

This section describes the education & training we can provide via an e-learning platform or delivered in a traditional, face-to-face setting.

PAT companion module - e-learning platform

This short module provides training on how to use the PAT online in your clinic. Throughout the module, you have the flexibility to take the examination at any time that suits you. In order to successfully pass the module and receive your certificate, it is necessary to achieve a minimum score of 80%. You will have a total of nine attempts to meet this requirement, allowing ample opportunity for success.
To maximise your chances of success in the module, we highly encourage you to thoroughly review the video lectures and other supplementary materials provided. This dedicated effort will significantly contribute to your understanding and comprehension of the course content, ultimately enhancing your overall learning experience. It is, though, essential that you complete the PAT companion module and receive your certificate that shows you have undergone training in how to use the PAT.

Psychosocial aspects in relation to body image - e-learning platform

This module provides in-depth training on the following topics.
• Why is Body Image Dissatisfaction such a ‘Hot Topic’/big deal?
• What Motivates People to have Cosmetic Treatments?
• Managing People with Visible Differences (disfigurements)
• What are the Psychological Outcomes of Cosmetic Surgery?
• Managing the Dissatisfied Patient
• Managing Psychological Vulnerability in Clinical Practice
• Implementing New Ways of Working in Routine Practice (includes Advanced Communication Skills; How to Introduce Routine Psychological Assessment to Patients; Managing Change)

The content of this module is regularly refreshed, with each section including an examination element. This might involve completing quizzes and/or you are required to have listened through certain lectures in order to receive a certificate.

Lectures, Workshops and Seminars

We are also available to conduct workshops, lectures or seminars tailored specifically to you and your team's needs. Our sessions are flexible and can be adjusted to accommodate diverse team compositions and settings. Upon completion of a workshop or seminar, each attendee will be awarded a certificate. This certificate serves as a verification of their acquired knowledge and the duration of the training. It's all part of the comprehensive educational experience we strive to provide.

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